abstract class DB::PoolStatement


When a statement is to be executed in a DB that has a connection pool a statement from the DB needs to be able to represent a statement in any of the connections of the pool. Otherwise the user will need to deal with actual connections in some point.

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Instance methods inherited from module DB::StatementMethods

exec(args : Array) : ExecResult
exec : ExecResult
exec(*args) : ExecResult
, query(*args, &block)
query(args : Array) : ResultSet
query : ResultSet
query(*args) : ResultSet
, scalar(*args) scalar

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close close, closed? closed?

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def self.new(db : Database, query : String) #

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def exec(args : Array) : ExecResult #

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def exec : ExecResult #

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def exec(*args) : ExecResult #

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def query(args : Array) : ResultSet #

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def query : ResultSet #

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def query(*args) : ResultSet #

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def scalar(*args) #

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