class DB::Pool(T)

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def = 1, max_pool_size = 0, max_idle_pool_size = 1, checkout_timeout = 5.0, retry_attempts = 1, retry_delay = 0.2, &factory : -> T) #

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Instance Method Detail

def checkout : T #

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def checkout_some(candidates : Enumerable(WeakRef(T))) : ::Tuple(T, Bool) #
selected, is_candidate = pool.checkout_some(candidates)

selected be a resource from the candidates list and is_candidate == true or selected will be a new resource adn is_candidate == false

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def close : Nil #

close all resources in the pool

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def release(resource : T) : Nil #

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def retry(&block) #

:nodoc: Will retry the block if a ConnectionLost exception is thrown. It will try to reuse all of the available connection right away, but if a new connection is needed there is a retry_delay seconds delay.

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