class DB::SavePointTransaction

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class DB::Transaction

commit commit, connection : Connection connection, release_from_nested_transaction release_from_nested_transaction, rollback rollback

Instance methods inherited from module DB::BeginTransaction

begin_transaction : Transaction begin_transaction, transaction(& : Transaction -> T) : T? forall T transaction

Instance methods inherited from module DB::Disposable

close close, closed? closed?

Constructor Detail

def : Transaction, savepoint_name : String) #

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Instance Method Detail

def begin_transaction : Transaction #
Description copied from module DB::BeginTransaction

Creates a transaction from the current context. If is expected that either Transaction#commit or Transaction#rollback are called explicitly to release the context.

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def commit #
Description copied from class DB::Transaction

commits the current transaction

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def connection : Connection #

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def create_save_point_transaction(parent : Transaction) #

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def release_from_nested_transaction #

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def rollback #
Description copied from class DB::Transaction

rollbacks the current transaction

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